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Purchasing Windows

Installing new windows is definitely one of the best home improvements you can make for enjoying your home. The right decision will most assuredly save you money on energy costs, and other benefits for many years to come.


Some of the benefits are:

  • Make your home look new again How rewarding it is to look out brand new windows Easy Tilt in cleaning

  • More security features

  • Adding more value to your home

  • No more rotting of old windows

  • No more painting windows

  • Blocking out damaging UV light entering into your home thru the glass


In my 30 years in the window installation business, I have heard many reasons why home owners have replaced their windows.

When you make an investment in your home, you want to be pleased with your decision for as long as you live in your home. The "EARTHWISE GOLD" product line is by far the best of the best.


Since I began Best Windows Inc., I have received hundreds of calls from homeowners right here in the Richmond area that purchased other window products asking me "Can you fix my windows they are broken." The factory that made them has gone out of business or the warranty has expired. My answer ... " I'm sorry my factory parts will not fit those windows." Many times I have had to replace other factories windows.


This is why owning Earthwise windows stands out from the others. Twenty four window factories in the group all having the same vinyl construction dies. The parts are interchangeable should any of the parts need to be replaced.

The Earthwise group uses only the best building material. In most factory warranties they will explain how the longer you have owned the windows the more the cost will be to you for a repair. It can run into hundreds of dollars for an in-home repair. Always ask for the factory warranty, some salesmen are reluctant to offer it to you up front.


Examples of problems I have encountered over the years You open your windows and they won't stay up.


Problem: Broken balance springs will need to be replaced. (some warranties only offer a few years on parts) You see a film between the glass.


Problem: Seal failure and new custom made glass will need to be replaced. (some warranties have pro-rated time limitations on glass coverage) You tilt in your windows and they do not work properly.


Problem: The pivot bars and/ or balance shoe cam has broken (some factories use plastic parts.) Any one of these problems will require in-home service


NOTE: A lot of factories use sub-standard materials building their products. They do not cover a service call for as long as you own your home. Some things may be covered for 2 years, some others for 5 years, you need to read your Warranty to know what will be covered when you have to make that ... "my window is broken " call.


Telling the factory "the salesman told me ..." is not your warranty. RJT Industries/ Earthwise windows warranty states... " Replacement or repair materials will be supplied free of charge and will not incur any additional charges" without any time constraints added in.


A great window deserves a great installer.

Best windows Inc. installation Process includes:


First your window openings need to be accurately measured. (I have seen this step go horribly wrong)


Your factory needs to build your custom windows correctly, than deliver them to a local warehouse for delivery.


Your installer needs to pick up the windows and deliver them to your home carefully.


Our Installer will cut out and remove your old windows as to not damage your house or your property while using his ladders.


Replace rotten wood as needed to properly support the weight of the new window. Some 2nd rate installers cover up rotten wood because they didn't take the time to do it right, not doing this problems will show up later.


Install the new windows into your existing opening.


Our installer will make sure they are leveled and shimmed as needed for years of easy opening and trouble free service.


Aline the jamb Adjusters of the master frame before screwing the window to your opening. This will keep your new windows correctly aligned for easy opening and closing forever. ( most windows do not have this feature.) Insert "made for window installation" foam sealant outside around the perimeter of the master frame and your existing window opening to insure an air tight seal of your new windows to your house.


Seal around all 4 sides "inside" using the absolute best sealant.


My installer will custom fabricate your new aluminum trim with attention to detail and correctly install it over your old exterior exposed wood trim, and "touch up paint " the nail heads.


We use the absolute best (NOVA FLEX) sealant money can buy. This is where other installers will use cheap cauking.


This will insure your new windows will be completely sealed to keep out the rain. I've seen a lot of cracked cauking.


Be careful of your property not to damage exterior and interior walls, plants & bushes. Scrape off those factory stickers and clean your glass.


Reinstall your existing curtains and/or blinds that needed to be removed for proper installation. Clean up and haul away construction materials and the old windows

Other installers do not give this much attention to detail.


I must say I'm very proud of my installers. They do work very hard to insure you get a first class job. For 25 years, my family team of installers are the same team that will also give you the same attention to detail I have built my reputation on since 1993.


Over the last 25 years of inslatting windows, we have received numerous thank you letters from our customers many mentioning the quality of workmanship of my installers.

Now on a personal note...


Best windows has had a perfect service record with the Better Business Bureau continuously since 1993. We have on record thank you letters from the Better Business Bureau for our service in the Richmond area. To quote a letter from BBB


"Your company Best Windows Inc. deserves the right to be known to the community as one who serves as a beacon of trust, service, and good will..." (signed by a board member of the Better Business Bureau on record)


I am very proud as the owner of Best Windows Inc. of our many years of installing new windows in thousands of homes in the local area. I was born and raised right here in Richmond, Virginia. ( I graduated from Hermitage High School as many of my customers have asked me this question).

This is my promise to you


"I Douglas Manning, President of Best Windows Inc., will see to it that you will receive the service and craftsmanship that you have every right to expect."


Any questions or concerns you may have please call me, I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your time.


I sign this letter and give out to you as a customer, to show my commitment to you as the owner of Best Windows Inc.

Before You Buy




About Us


Why should I choose Best Windows to provide my replacement windows?

Best Windows is a family-owned window installation company located here in Richmond. Since1993, we have been providing our customers with our expert window and patio door installations. Here at Best Windows, we have three goals: provide unparalleled customer service, uses only the highest quality products, and keep our pricing affordable for our customers. For nearly three decades, we have stuck to that philosophy and have become Richmond’s number one choice for new and replacement windows and patio doors! If you are ready to get your own replacement windows with impeccable craftsmanship, energy savings, and at a price that can’t be beat, call now for a free estimate.

How long have you been providing replacement windows?

Best Windows has been in business since 1993. Over that time, we have seen trends and shifts in the industry in everything from look and style to the emphasis on energy efficiency. With nearly thirty years of experience, we have installed thousands of replacement windows, screen doors, and worked on both new and existing construction. We have the skill and craftsmanship that can only come from the hands-on work in our field. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!

In what region do you install replacement windows?

Best Windows is located here in Richmond, VA. We serve our great city and the surrounding areas. If you need replacement windows or doors for your home, office, or if you are a property owner and want to make your spaces more beautiful and energy efficient, call now for a free estimate.

Do you offer energy efficient replacement windows?

At Best Windows, our most popular products are our energy-efficient replacement windows and doors. Now more than ever there is a national emphasis on energy conservation. We want to invest in the environment and in our customers, which is why we are so passionate about our energy saving products. We are proud to be an Earthwise window supplier. What are the benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows?

Energy-efficient doors and windows benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, a more energy-conscious home is better for the environment. When our Earthwise replacement windows keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, you have to use less energy to keep your home warm or cool. This means you use less natural gas and fossil fuels. Choosing energy-efficient replacement windows for your home or office has significant benefits for our planet! By choosing an energy-efficient model, you reduce your energy use and therefore reduce the strain on our natural resources and do your small part to keep the planet healthy. But protecting the ozone layer isn’t the only reason to choose us for replacement windows. Reducing your energy needs means reducing your energy bill, which means more money in your pocket. With our Earthwise windows, you will be able to keep your home at a more
comfortable temperature at a lower cost, which makes everyone happy.

Do your replacement window have a warranty?

Best Windows has a full lifetime factory warranty on all vinyl, glass, and parts with free labor installation included. It is truly the best warranty in the industry. We are a proud carrier of Earthwise windows and doors, the largest window replacement company in the country. The company has 23 factories throughout the country and installs windows in 48 states. With a reach this wide, you can be sure these windows have an excellent warranty. Every window installed has a factory transferrable lifetime warranty of vinyl, glass seal failure, glass breakage, and all window parts. Plus you get lifetime free factory service. These windows are built to last forever, and the warranty proves it.

Why do you choose Earthwise as your replacement windows of choice?

The warranty of an Earthwise window cannot be beat. But on top of the warranty, Earthwise is simply the best made window on the market. They are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. They’ve earned Energy Star Manufacturing Partner status with the U.S. Government and are recognized by the American Architectural Manufacturing Association for their material performance. Truly, you will not find better
windows anywhere in the country.

On top of their incredible quality, all Earthwise windows are manufactured here in the United States. Their products and facilities are inspected by independent third parties to ensure they maintain our high standards and good practices.

Do you offer more than replacement windows?

Best Windows is the authority on environmentally-friendly windows. But that’s not all we do. If your patio doors need an upgrade, look no further. Our BayView patio doors give you the visibility and natural light of a window with the security and functionality of a door. It is especially important when choosing both a door and a supplier that you get a safe, secure product that will last with a team who knows how to properly install it. A tight, secure
installation is vital for energy savings. The BayView brand is the best you can get in energy efficient patio doors, and our team will install it properly so you can start saving as soon as we put it up. And in addition to energy efficiency, these doors are secure. Keep unwanted guests, both big and small, out! We offer a variety of styles to meet every need and taste. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality when you choose Best Windows to provide you with your patio doors.

What do your customers say about your replacement windows?

Customer service is a main focus here at Best Windows. We make sure you have a fantastic experience so you will use us again and again for your patio door and window needs. We have an excellent record with Richmond’s Better Business Bureau. Since we began business in 1993, we have had a perfect performance record for all of our customers. That’s thousands of happy customers! We would love to add you to that list so you can have beautiful custom windows and doors, save energy, and have peace of mind. To get more information and a free quote,
give us a call now.





I simply can’t say enough about the organization and great skill of the Link family who does your installations.

- Alice S. Murphey